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03-Jul-2016 11:03

Every woman knows how wonderful it is to see your sweetie after some time apart. Instead of waiting and worrying, why not visit with some girlfriends?

His heart feels that for you whenever he pulls away and it's a positive experience.

I've started reading your book, yet, one of the most powerful concepts in that book is men are like rubber bands.

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One of the key components of chemistry is sexual tension. Sexual tension is desire for someone that is somehow thwarted, whether by circumstance, obstacles… But we’re talking about desire, not materialism, right?

Hi John- My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and things have been good. We were engaged for 3 months, when he suddenly decided to call it off.

I thought things were going great and now the only thing he says to me is, "I don’t know what I want right now, but I know I don't want this." I don't understand how you can propose to someone and then just end it. We haven't talked in a month and we don't see each other.

Either way, the date’s over and you’re stuck in recovery mode instead of leading towards a night of passion and several hours of squishy noises back at your place.

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You want to provide a takeaway in order to pull the tension back as well as keep them off balance.

I made a list of the mistakes I thought I made in our relationship and I want your help so I won't make them again. This is an area where men and women often show their differences. Dear John- My relationship with my boyfriend of 6 years now is like a fairy tale! I know i am young, but we talk about marriage and kids in the future.