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05-Oct-2016 19:04

got its hands on internal ABS emails showing how the agency scrambled to get the national survey up and running.That rush may have led to the problems I encountered: “It’s definitely taking [the ABS’s techies] out of their comfort zone,” Glance says.” As an overseas Aussie who cares deeply about the issue, I wanted my say.So, one day a few weeks ago, I entered my personal details into a designated government website and received a “Secure Access Code” that allowed me to cast my vote online. Was it possible, I wondered, that the system would validate both of these codes and let me vote twice?On the other hand, says Glance, “People shouldn’t have to call and ask the ABS if they voted twice.” The experts I consulted were also troubled by Spokesman’s claims that the ABS is doubling back to check for duplicates.“Clearly, the online voting system is tracking you, so the ABS knows exactly how you voted,” said Rajeev Gore, a computer scientist at the Australian National University.The government also sent letters to overseas citizens, like me, whose whereabouts are known.Both of the ways I voted “are valid,” according to Spokesman.

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Glance compares the situation to the ABS’s much-maligned rollout of the national census in 2016: The government’s computer systems endured a denial-of-service attack that hobbled data collection for 40 hours.Three of them also criticized government officials for not being more transparent about the vote-counting process.