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16-Dec-2016 04:56

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They generally prefer to mull things over in their head, preferably alone, before they make their next move.

What I didn’t talk much about was how often men actually do get lonely and that they suffer from this just as much as women can.

And while men are more inclined to put their wives happiness first, typically before their own, they felt as though their lives no longer mattered.Now, Is “pressing on” the best we can hope for these days? It was very disheartening to hear so many stories of men who feel they can’t share their true feelings with anyone.Most of the men I spoke to didn’t have male friends that they felt comfortable discussing such deeply personal issues with, and typically married men have few close female platonic friendships.The irony of these stories is that almost all the men said they couldn’t imagine being married to any other woman and that they still loved their wives, but the lack of sex and affection was sometimes too much to bear.

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There are some men who told me they felt they had no other option but to have an affair, but many said they suffer through this isolation because they love their families and can’t imagine cheating on their spouse or living life without them; so they press on.

Fortunately, we live in a time where it’s becoming more acceptable for men to openly discuss their feelings, but we need to foster that safe environment in which they can do so.

Kimora Lee Simmons was born Kimora Lee Perkins in St. Her mother is Japanese and her father was African American.… continue reading »

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